Elizabeth Brooks Oakley M.S. CCC-SLP has 10+ years experience in the specialities below. She utilizes a unique video home-program approach whenever possible to help minimize overall time in therapy. 

Los Angeles Speech Therapy-Apraxia

Speech Therapy

Elizabeth works with kids ages 4+ who are demonstrating challenges with speech sounds.


For older children, she helps kids quickly establish and master speech sounds including "r" and "s."

Los Angeles Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy

Have you lost your voice?

Chronic challenges with speaking?

Diagnosed with a nodules/cysts?

Performer with reduction in range?


Elizabeth is not only a skilled clinician, but a former performer. 


She will provide you with the strategies to rehabilitate your voice and, if you aren't already seeing one, refer you to a trusted laryngologist. She specializes in working with all voice conditions including pediatric voice disorders and challenges related to Parkinson's disease.


Elizabeth also uses microcurrent therapy in combination with traditional voice therapy techniques Patients have reported a significant decrease in muscle tension and faster than expected recovery time.   


Therapy is to not only about regaining your voice, but have the tools to maintain healthy vocal habits. 

Stuttering Therapy

Stuttering/Fluency Therapy

Working with stuttering involves not just learning how to speak more fluently, but the unique emotional challenges that come with stuttering.


Elizabeth works with preschoolers through adults to learn strategies and techniques to increase fluency and feel more comfortable speaking


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