I was having trouble sustaining my voice very long without losing it. It would get strained, quiet, thin, phlegmy and tired.  This was all post Covid. I was so disheartened by the loss of my voice as an actress and singer. My artistic life felt hopeless. A few weeks into this treatment, I began to regain control of my voice, and regain hope in my career. Each time I received the microcurrent treatment, I’d feel fatigue for a day but then my voice would be noticeably stronger the following days. Much faster improvement I’d imagine.Elizabeth was so incredibly kind, patient and thoughtful throughout this process. I’d recommend her and this treatment to any entertainers suffering from Long Haul post COVID effects in a heartbeat.

Victoria Ingram

"I was having problems with my voice and was told to see a therapist by my doctor. I was surprised at how quickly I saw a difference after following Elizabeth's program."


We feel fortunate to have found Magnolia Voice and Speech  

Our daughter, age 6, looks forward to each speech session.  Elizabeth incorporates games and stories in the session so it is really engaging.  She has a natural connection with kids. We are given simple tasks to practice at home, so there is consistent growth between sessions. We have seen a dramatic improvement in our daughter’s speech since starting.


-Ginger and Federico C.

"As a first-time mom, I was nervous about our unexpected journey with a  therapist. My son wasn’t speaking as much as he should have, and he needed a little help. We started working with Elizabeth and she and my shy son clicked right away, and I started to see immediate improvement. Elizabeth had a team-like mentality, giving us homework and lessons to practice. I always felt well informed and positive, and she made me feel comfortable and confident in my decisions with my son. Our relationship with Elizabeth has been and will continue to be ongoing, and I’m happy that she’ll be on our team forever."

A.K -Studio City